Inch, a beach just at the enter to the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland, 2007

It was just after stormy rain – a phenomenon quite ordinary in that part of Ireland.

Nobody was hoping for any Sun on that afternoon, but there it was – powerful and dazzling. I took this photo breaking the sanctified rule of photography of “not to shoot against the Sun”; I’ve been always doing this with usually satisfying outcomes (but never face the Sun for a prolonged period unless you have a proper filters on your lenses, otherwise you’re going to damage them – more advanced readers, please ignore that note).

People had just started to emerge from their temporary shelters, totally wet, half-wet or those lucky – quite dry.

There was a smell of damp boots in the air and the sound of the ocean was just terrifying. It appeared that the thunderous roar had been originated very deep underwater by a powerful force and was allowed to materialize through the massive rolling waves.


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4 responses to “Inch

  • Mary

    Hello Katarzyna, I was at Inch once about forty years ago, maybe more, and this is exactly how it was so this is an evocative photo for me. Those beaches on the Kerry coast have a feeling of awe and immensity, next stop America. And Inch, mis-named since it used to be at least a mile long — maybe not any more? — open, windy, with the vast ocean, and the beach backed by sand dunes. Great photo and I love your blog and will be a regular visitor. Thank you. — Mary

  • skonieczna

    Hello. You are welcome on my page and I’m grateful for your comment. I have to write this – lots of people visit me each day, but nobody (almost) bothers to comment…I’m feeling great that my photo could remind you about the beautiful place (beautiful memories?) Thanks…
    I like your blog too. I’m passionate about drawing and it’s great to see such tender, insightful approach as yours. And I’m more than flattered that you put my page into your blogroll…

  • Mary

    Thank you Katarzyna, for that reply and for your kind comments.

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