Studying Art – Diary (2)

For the first time in my life I posed for another person. And although it were pretty simple poses, some quick, some longer, some studies of hands, some portraits I found this experience quite revealing and formative.

I suppose the whole trick rests on the inversion of roles – quite suddenly from a subject you are becoming an object, from a creator – merely a pretext for creation, from an observer and researcher (especially when you made life-drawings yourself) – an insider, someone inhabiting the experience and – if observing – having an inward, intimate view of the situation.

So the main reactions I have had were:

– surprise that I’ve never thought about myself as an object – thing, article, item, device… (not in terms of substance since this obviously remains unchangeable but the purpose) and a sort of a humble feeling as a result (very didactic in my case)

– enhanced awareness of my own body and detailed analysis of it; I probably spend too much time on self-reflection yet I don’t remember to study myself (and not only  the physique) with such an insight and with a kind of a new, fresh approach

– intense and very mixed reception of the drawings (products of that session) – this was the most illuminating part of the whole adventure, on the one hand I had discovered that the other man doesn’t see me in a way I see and perceive myself – that sounds like a pure truism, but I still remember that confusion Why do I appear this way? Are they really my legs, hands, movements? It seemed like there was somebody else inside me, whose rendition my draughtsman had caught. On the other hand – I achieved some degree of an acceptation of how Katarzyna Skonieczna may be interpreted and that there is more than one or two genuine, believable versions of myself.

I would recommend being a model, posing, sitting – even for a brief period of time for anyone studying art.

It’s that rare occasion (within fine art at least – we can hardly swamp places with our still-life in order to see how it’s to be one) when standing on a scene instead of just analysing it from the viewers’ side has a potential of transforming us into a better viewer and a better actor at the same time.


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