Studying Art – Diary (3)

It’s amazing and disconcerting in a way how many influences one may be powered by.

At the moment (the end of November 2007) I find myself being inspired by:

  • Blue … this goes without saying (and I think I owe blue a separate post) – by Blue I mean: a colour, a limitless variations/tones/shades of a hue, a symbol for freedom, infinity, mystery, spirituality, immortality, power, melancholy and renditions of the symbols – butterflies, sea, sky, cosmos etc.; characteristics – ambiguity, transparency, potential cold – ness and air-ness.
  • Modern Architecture – there are some buildings and even cities out there that look like a set for a science – fiction movie. I find architecture in its designs – vision and use of materials being remarkably ahead of our times. Ok – we’ve got those intimidating digital, mechanical and scientific innovations but we still live in a brick/concrete box-like environment (and we’ll be living like this for decades and centuries – unless somebody will hang all the “developers” who transform our area into a “posh-y” but nasty concentration camps of identical houses). So there are some ingenious structures – they don’t have a cosy feeling but have power to inspire:

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is another influence linked to this theme.

  • Outsider Art – called also rough, raw, brute, intuitive, extraordinary, visionary – all art created outside the art establishment (art institutions and societies). Too often marginalised and reduced to work produced in mental asylums and by mentally tormented people. It embraces also different sorts of primitive/naive or folk art, graffiti or… art produced by children. I met with a sort of inattention while mentioning this kind of influence in my college but for me the raw art is probably the only honestly motivated art created today. It’s got freshness and originality, purity and freedom often unattainable for the proper art. Maybe it’s because the brute artist doesn’t really care (or – does he?) about the whole net of ridiculous phenomena like reception, fame, money, concepts, sponsors, exhibitions etc. etc.

  • Kate Bush – music and video work. Her Cloudbusting is especially compelling – it’s thoughtfully irrational, and wisely emotional . I just keep on listening/watching:

  • Scientific drawings by Anatoly Fomenko
  • Photography – I simply adore images by Magnum photographers. These images have the Catharsis quality (in an original Aristotle’s meaning – as a spiritual purification by experience of pity and awe – because human drama we watch makes us more conscious of our own human condition; because it could happen to us too) :


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