Thinking – Freedom

My another comment on blue. (look here for more details)

Some time ago I lived close to the airport. Each time I had seen a white shape of a plane taking off I got a strong feeling of not – being – free. That was obviously quite irrational experience…I was a fresh newcomer to a foreign country, I was chained to the ground by invisible powers…I kept thinking about freedom – freedom of leaving the one condition, state, land and allowing a metamorphosis of becoming somebody else.

Many things changed, I started to enjoy my place on Earth, but the old melancholy endures – I cannot help looking on planes with a sense of lost or neglected freedom (because life is short and I should be on a board, heading for a new land/challenge/life).

Then, being possessed by blue, I started to make links between blue – sky – plane – freedom, and also sea/ocean/water – freedom; and more – butterfly – freedom and more..

That’s how this video started to evolve.

It consists of five individually captured pieces:

– sky – moving clouds I recorded from a window of my house

– eye – I was staring into a camera, a lamp was pretty close irritating my eye but I like the way it moves creating a sense of “being alive”

– butterflies – a collage animation done by the means of iMovie

– trees – some beauties from my garden

– shimmering water – this one is the most difficult to recognise – it appears in the last 40 secs of the video as a mosaic of flashing colours

I used the Final Cut Express to edit these five into a one composition.


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