It’s only fiftieth-something time or so when I’m asking myself “Why to study and make art at all?”, “Why to be an artist?”., “Why not to occupy myself with something useful like psychology, medicine or even gardening?”. And there is no wizardry of words in me (as Milosz would say), I’m not playing with you (and with myself) any coquetry game… I’m just being sane and critical… Give me one convincing, honest and reasoning-based answer – why are you an artist/ student of art, person making art? And let it be something beyond “vocation” or “passion” as these are pretty irrational and excusatory terms.

Respecting all artists as they truly deserve it – Is there any more ridiculous profession of modern times? You spend your time doing a continuous self-psycho-therapy, opening Pandora’s box each time you are being serious enough in what you are doing… So you have to fight all sorts of devils, demons, and simply human limitations your own mind and imagination throws at you. Beside, you are never truly able to rest having an impression of being behind…behind your idea, behind the moment that should be caught, behind ever-changing reality…

Not to say anything about the technical side of making art (so-called skills, abilities), which cannot be mastered in any other way than by years of practice and consequent improvement – an artist (a person making art) should have a considerable proficiency in different branches of science, in history of art, history of ideas, in literature, philosophy, psychology and so on, and so on… Why? Because a temptation of simply “enjoying” yourself with a box of gorgeous paints is too strong for an average man. And art (or sth. pretending to be art) made without any deeper thought and any broader cultural context is the worst trick a man can play on another man..

Where are we then? So – after turning yourself in that impossibly sophisticated, skilled and out-of-this-world creature you will have to wake up one day to face reality of dealers, critics (if you good enough to stir them) and so-called “establishing” of your name. And you will end up selling (if you are lucky) what you gave a painful birth to…

And still there are thousands of applicants for limited places in art colleges all over the world…I guess humans must be art-powered by their nature (a believer would say by metaphysical powers), I can’t find any logic in it.


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4 responses to “Why?…

  • Incompetent

    The usefulness of gardening, medicine, and other vocations is utiliarian. There are tangible benefits that can be reaped and their usefulness falls within necessary functions: creating real estate value, prolonging life, etc.

    For that reason I consider it flawed, at best, to judge art with similar criteria. While it is indisputable it is used for monetary purposes, how can we place values upon ideas and the effects such things can rouse within us?

    As humans I believe we are art-powered to the extent that we cannot be strictly rational and machine-like creatures. Science has failed (and will fail) to usurp religion and faith for that reason.

    Given that we are thus social and emotional beings, wouldn’t it then be natural that all of us would seek to describe a part of what we deem is important and/or beautiful?

  • skonieczna

    Hi Incompetent,
    Welcome on my site. I appreciate your critical view, but I’ve got a feeling that we haven’t got each other point…I’m aware (well, more or less – still thinking about it) what’s the value art has for a man and wouldn’t be so irrational to put it so easy to one basket with other vocations…But my knowledge and my love for what I’m doing doesn’t brush aside a strange sensation of ridiculousness and pretentiousness my trained in logic mind places before me. So, I’m keeping going on my way and keeping asking “why?”. Considering myself a humanist I know better ways to help people than going through all this art-related practical, emotional and intellectual mess.

  • springhero

    You love art. Isn’t it reason enough? Don’t you want to live for your soul? What other reasons do you want?

  • skonieczna


    Thanks, you really made me think…What other reasons do I desire? It’s partially explained above – logical, practical and concrete…”Living for my soul” (assuming that I believe in its existence) – what does it mean? I don’t live “for” my spirit I live “through” (thanks to ) it. It’s never been an aim in itself… And I don’t live for my passion exclusively (it would be a merciless simplification of it) – I live having an existential dialog with it, challenging it and even negating – all in order to help it grow in me (and in my readers, I hope)…

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