Dear Tutors

First – apologies to my other readers, but I would like to devote this very post especially to five people… Catherina, James, Noel, Simon, Sue…

My tutors…

I’m writing this because I’m perfectly enjoying this game and a thought of putting you all in this very situation…

I would like to think about this condition as a from of a performance act… I’m performing it at this very moment by getting my message inside your heads and I will continue as long as you read and re-read this text… Anyway, you keep saying that art is a language and is made for communication with others…Can something be more communicative and “linguistic” than composing a text and publishing it? I know what are you about to say – that I’m mistaking art of writing with that of making images, but cannot an imaginative text function as an image? Or – if I start TO USe CoLOur hasn’t that got a decorative value? And emotions? Just imagine – I’m writing: “You are all a bunch of fools”… or “I admire you all”… – doesn’t it evoke emotions? Does it?

Is art of writing a visual art? I don’t know that but I’m just trying to find out…In one of my posts I wrote that contemporary art is nothing more (or less) than a mess because it reflects on messy contemporary times and equally complex human condition of today. Why to limit it then by applying all those puristic, conservative terms that Fine Art is only this (read: proper painting, sculpture, print) or this (read: proper performance, installation, digital art etc.). I know that Duchamp was first claiming a pissoir as an artwork but we need to go even further today as our reality requires adapting new, unthinkable before media…Or, am I again being “seduced” by post-modern traps?…

What is art?… Tell me…

What is art of t o d a y ?…

Is all fine art meaningful? Beautiful? Maybe disturbing? New? Is all fine art true?

Does art have limits? What are they? Am I crossing them by making you see a piece of a text as art?

What is y o u r art?

What are y o u trying to communicate?…

And why are you finding so difficult to engage yourself in this very game? …

P. S.

Against all appearances I’m grateful (well, most of times…) for your patient assistance …


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