You santy-mental “bastards”…

I know…I should watch my own words having written in my policy: “expressions commonly known as rude or abusive will be deleted…”

But there are big quotations signs over the “b” word and I would like you all to be more alive when using words and just enjoying their equivocal nature…it’s the same with the images… There is hardly anything more dull, pretentious and irritating than an obvious, pompous image impotent to spark any intellectual game in its viewer… And at this time of the year we are being stuffed with this sort of images due to the most ridiculous illusion humankind has been preserving for decades.

Yes, it’s Christmas that I’m talking about. The most pathetic, utterly thoughtless, commercial circus humans had made from something that used to be one of the greatest mysteries and creatively – fertile story of this world… Shame on all of us…

For you all – my friends – known and unknown – Eric Idle’s song – just to remain sane and “merry” in these aesthetically assaulting and intellectually challenging times… Make your day by laughing… My santy-mental love to you all…


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Born in Poland. Lives in Ireland, Cork. Visual artist. View all posts by kasia

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