Dancing with Time

At this moment of the year we think about time…’moment’, ‘year’, ‘time’… ‘2007’, ‘2008’… Even ‘eternity’ is the matter of the social contract. We chop up the time, give it names and characteristics, the whole life being segregated like an accountant’s files. All in order to make us more ‘alive’, more in a charge of our solid existence here, where we are.

We’re used to dance with our own ephemerality welcoming so-called New Year, not bothering at all that, just by the very fact of the ‘new’ we’ve became older, weaker, closer to death.

I’ve got an old, rather strange habit to celebrate the ‘new year’ each summer, when that ‘new’ time reaches its full maturity. Fertile beauty of the world makes passing time intriguing and attractive.

But, because I respect ‘the social contract’, I feel like wishing you all exciting, fulfilling, wisely-spent 2008.

Thank you for your TIME devoted to me and my work put into this page to function. To my loved ones, to all my friends and enemies, colleagues, well-wishers and everyone visiting, commenting this site, sending e-mails – thank you. I would feel terribly alone without you here.

Chirico’s “The Conquest of the Philosopher” (above) is my New-Year dedication to you. Don’t expect I will read that image for you. It’s an enigma, no matter what some critics say about it. Just like the fleeting time embodied in the clock visible up there – eternal, trans-human with those Roman numerals and yet very corporeal, touching you with sensible stimulants every time (time again…) you look at it.

Use your time well, every sensation, thought and emotion of it.


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