Rysiek Riedel once again…

I’ve just found this video which is, as so far, the closest to the ‘live’ quality. It’s not perfect (being ‘cut’ from both ends), but it’s the best in terms of the sound. So, it’s for all of you, who appreciate this artist’s story and talent (and which I dealt with in my previous ‘A great artist you’ve never heard about’ posts).

It’s 1987, hugely popular in Poland ‘Rawa Blues Festival‘ (‘rava’); Rysiek sounds like he used to before his hectic struggle with narcotics began to prevail over his life. Here he is asking God to ‘let him try again’… Thank you ‘ziolowa herbatka’ for uploading this awesome piece.

Prayer III

Let me try again/ To cure my doubt/ For me being full of myself, my lies and addictions/ For all what is related to these/ Those mean things, big and small/ For my disbelief/ Absolve me, absolve me!

My Lord, o Lord!/ I want some time, because time heals wounds/ I would like to see, I would like to see what/ What’s going on in my dreams, what’s going on/ And I don’t want to cry, my Lord…

Make me stone-like, make me stone-like/ And let me try once again! Once again, once again, once again/ I want some time…/ Make me stone-like…/ I would like to try once again, once again…


Answering to e-mails: ‘Dzem’ band still functions, yet it’s like “Pink Floyd” would be without Gilmour – it’s just another band and, as for me, they should modify their name to notify the ‘epoch’ before and after Rysiek. You can find more info about here. Furthermore, they were criticized for excluding Rysiek from the squad when he was on a detox (it happened to be only months before his death). Rysiek’s son Sebastian sings sometimes with them, he’s got similar voice but…lacks personality (as for now, at least). Thanks for your interest.


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2 responses to “Rysiek Riedel once again…

  • blusior

    Rysiu już zawsze będzie przy mnie,przy nas…forever

  • skonieczna


    Dziekuje za komentarz. Rysiek byl i jest zjawiskiem ponadczasowym, tak jak wszyscy naprawde dobrzy artysci. Mam nadzieje, ze zdolam przyblizyc go choc troche ludziom z innych krajow.
    (Thanks for the comment. Rysiek was and is an atemporal phenomenon, just as all really good artists are. I hope, I’ll manage to introduce him to people from different countries, at least – a little bit.)

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