Grids, Cages, Bars – Windows ?…

Here are photos I made in one, ten minutes – go in my college. I seemed to be obssesed by grid-like structures, mainly windows. I was trying to explore ambiguity in our human condition of looking at, looking trough and paradoxically – not being able to see just because ‘devices’ made to help ‘see more’ – like windows – appear not to work in the meant way. What you can see through those windows is white emptiness or, at best, a blurred view without any clear point of reference. And those spaces put there to ‘open’ the closed interior towards the world outside have bars on them, clear divisions ‘chopping up’ our view, making us think about ‘encaged’ eyes and restricted potential. Just like in life, we are never able to see things in their fullness, there is always a sort of a grid, a restricting bars being put on your thinking, feeling and behaving – those are cultural, religious, social conditions or even your personal ‘cage’ you’ve made without knowing it through years of ‘adjusting’ to others, making somebody’s lifestyle your own and agreeing on dozens of things, which you would never agree on, only sensing what ‘being a free man’ means. Impossibility of having a freed view of the oneself, of the world around… is awareness of that, at least, an imitation or a first step to freedom? Impossibility to be truly free in the world where nobody speaks about freedom any more just because it’s so obvious ‘commodity’…






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