Make your web-blog stats flying…

And now for something completely different…

My advice to everyone starting the blogging adventure and willing to attract visitors: your magic words and expressions you should use in, at least, one post are: ‘boyz sex’, ‘doing vaginal sex’, ‘sexy males naked’, ‘sexy sex’ and so on, and so on… Actually, anything with the ‘sex’ word will do. And don’t tell me that it’s below your ambitions and your intellectual level – you know, they say: ‘whatever works’… You could always write: ‘ those incredibly sexy conceptions of todays existential thinkers’ , and – you are condemned to popularity; people will flock to see what is there that’s worth the ‘sexy’ attribute…

That all those guests are very likely to rush to the ‘escape’ key as soon as they see your post (your f…, time-wasting, loony post) – should not bother you too much… Keeping the web-blog is like being in an enormous crowd and wearing a t-shirt with a big ‘Look at me!’ inscription on it. Sooner or later you will get used to those dozens of unwanted, accidental looks. It’s the one in tens that will be worth all that ridicule.

My post on exhibitionist art by Katarzyna Kozyra (where I DID use the magic terms) attracts tens of visitors each day, much more than all articles on ‘art theory/reflection’ put together. At first I was surprised and puzzled, then cynical about it, now I don’t care… If only one of those looking for ‘vaginal sex’ will find Kozyra’s art interesting enough to forget what (s)he came for – it would be a small victory of an art (and soul in general) over instincts… but that thought alone fills me with nothing more than self-pity. Whoever deals with art on a serious level knows how raw and instinct-based it tends to be, just like another biological, urgent need to create – a sort of a sexual act done by quite other means but identical in its intensity and necessity.

So – probably there is ‘something’ (“There is a method in this madness” ) in it – that people looking for sexual delights bump into art and creation. I’m not especially ashamed to admit that ‘making art’ and ‘making love’ are interchangeable concepts to me… All you out there – reading this by a pure accident or because you care (my big “thanks” to you) – have an exciting art/love making then…


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3 responses to “Make your web-blog stats flying…

  • darthsida

    Been there, done that! I gave away a post with lots of sex-lure e-scent in it — wanted to see if I could seduce hits from every national domain on Earth. There are yet countries apparently asexual or without access to the internet.

    PS: you’re in my Blog Surfer thing, wasn’t looking for sex (per se) here 😉

  • skonieczna

    Ha, ha… Love it (not ‘per se’) Hit me the world – sounds little bit like ‘come and rape me…’ oughhh…O right, there is always a hint of masochism in all this writing, composing, posting, reading almost-always-nice comments (c’mon people – mock me – let me fight you and feel like alive), then impressing them anew (‘cos they won’t come again)… But, we love it (not ‘per se’), don’t we? Your blog is a huge cave, I came in and… I lost all ability to see, and it was after some time I could make a step forward. They should prohibit such activities (here imagine the yellow fellow from your post)… What do you mean – the ‘Blog Surfer thing’ ?

  • darthsida

    You wouldn’t believe how nice it is (for me) to have a blog compared to a cave 🙂 Anyway, when you open your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see some smaller folders: right to your Blog Stats is Blog Surfer where one finds all the blogs one subscribed to.

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