Few words on poetry…

I just couldn’t help myself with that… I had to share my amazement with you… Quite recently I’ve came across Damien’s Rice ‘9 Crimes’ hugely popular song, which – being nicely performed with some sublime moments (especially the original video does have a visual impact) – is nothing more than one more piece about love. What stunned me was the ‘buzz’ around the lyrics – people launching discussions (on e-forums) and struggling to interpret one simple metaphor from that song (metaphor of a gun ‘being loaded’ and ‘shoot’). What had happened to us – ‘modern people’ – that we appear to be so analphabetic when it comes to digesting language only a little bit more ‘sophisticated’ that that informal one?… That we hit the wall and get excited when someone uses popular, mass-poetry – diluted and bleached in order to not to intimidate us too much by some ‘snobby’ messages?… O, yes… We tend to label as ‘snobby’ and ‘pretentious’ anything that reaches even few inches above the average. And the ‘beautiful’ word evokes the most repulsing reactions (I have them myself when someone refers to my art) – no, no, just don’t call it ‘beautiful’, it’s so old-fashioned and ‘cliche’ that sounds like a degradation rather than appreciation… call it ‘cynical’, call it ‘modern’, call it ‘difficult’… Don’t call it ‘poetic’, don’t you dare to call it ‘artisitc’ and never ever call it ‘beautiful’…

Right, something went in the wrong direction then… But, there is the light in a tunnel, there seems to be a great starvation for a meaningful (or, at least, ambiguous) message, we know that we are in a great need of that ‘metaphysical thrill’ which only true art – true beauty can deliver. To start with a simple metaphor from a hit song it’s OK, but we have to go further, much further… There are undiscovered worlds of written messages so astonishing that you are likely to fall of your chair if you perceptive enough…

So there my story goes on… Being provoked by the above-mentioned social observation I ended up immersing myself for hours in Polish poetry being sung by some outstanding artists… And I must say, I feel of my chair… Not only because (please, absolve me if it sounds too narcissistic for you) Polish seems to be perfect to convey sublime yet powerful – with all its whispering yet brisk sounds and not only due my native land’s innate love and a gift of poetic expression (before 2004 when Czeslaw Milosz sadly passed away, Poland was blessed by two living poets-Nobelists and dozens of those excellent, yet unknown broader abroad)… Simply, I’ve experienced anew how profoundly BEAUTIFUL is to be a man, a human being – to able to create and perform, to perceive and appreciate the pure transcendence caught in words and sounds.

I don’t mind being called the most ‘snobby’ creature on this planet – just try it yourself, just help yourself to BE, to be more…

In my next post – one of my favourite pieces I can listen to endlessly…


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