Paris, Paris…

Just a quick ‘Hello’ from one of the cultural centers of this world. Paris exists to blow your mind away no matter what   time the grace of fate directs your steps here… Paris is the modern civilization embodied. It’s extremely busy and sophisticated, smart and beautiful; yet at the same time it can be cruel, indifferent and even inhuman… Parisians appear to be just like that – determined and self-confident,  looking  just gorgeous in their favourite blacks and greys… But – there is something deeply sad in the air where they stop for a moment (like in a Metro or in a cafe-shop) – they look lost, pale and withdrawn. I wonder if Sartre conceived his existential ideas looking at them… You have to be here – to reach the social, cultural roots of this philosophy to experience more or less the same what its ‘fathers’ went through. At it can be scary, I must say – in Paris – this enchanting modern jungle – you make a wrong step and you are in a big trouble – you are obliged to live – to really exist, be alert, be aware, be smart – live to the point of a discovery, to the point of an authentic ‘wake up’, to the point of tears if you need them…

Next time I hope to include some photos. Salut!


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Born in Poland. Lives in Ireland, Cork. Visual artist. View all posts by kasia

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