Paris, Paris (3)…

Today I would like to share my delight with you since, while visiting those marvelous Parisian museums, I’ve got a privilege and great luck to not only see Renoir, Cezanne, Matisse, van Gogh, Picasso, old Dutch or Italian Masters (and Others) ‘live’ but also to make detailed photos of them. The pictures came out really fine, I still see them like a sort of a revelation… One can never find fully satisfying reproductions of those paintings, which – on the other hand – seem to be familiar to us just like some family shots… that’s a sort of an obvious thing to admit. But, to meet ‘Them’ an eye-to-eye – just as they really are – it’s an unforgettable experience. You just know it, straight away, that despite ‘seeing’ Picasso, Matisse or Leonardo dozens times in books, movies, slides you’ve never, in fact, seen them and that this is that very first time – when you make your way to them to face their formidable and beautiful presence. Above that, one has a glorious opportunity to observe and to document the technique, the actual colours, the brushwork – for a would-be painter it’s like to see a trembling heart in a human body for a would-be cardiologist…

So here they are, more or less (‘perfectly’ is an impossible world to use) as I’ve seen them (click on those ‘cut’ by this page design to obtain the full view). Please note that I’ve edited the photos only in their ‘sharpness’ to convey better the sense of an actual brushwork, I didn’t touch any ‘colour’ make up (some of the repro-s presented on the Net are terribly over-enhanced in terms of colours, brightness etc.) :


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