Some benefits of keeping a ‘Studio Journal’…

  • First and foremost – to keep work alive with thinking/reflection
  • To preserve unique moments of a discovery
  • To preserve equally unique moments of a struggle/crisis
  • To learn from one’s own story
  • To exercise an insight and self-recognition
  • To learn self-discipline and persistence
  • To develop skill in a creative/accurate writing

By “Studio Journal” I mean any form of a written record of one’s own progress/actions in an artistic studio (by ‘studio’ I mean an actual workplace – wherever thinking/working takes place; it can be a gallery, trip, workshop, library). It can be kept in a form of a sketchbook, where drawings, work-samples, illustrations are included, however a special care should be taken for putting experiences into words… It’s slightly similar to maintaining a web-blog, however, more personal… It’s best rewarding when the discipline of regular notes (based on everyday, each two/three days frequency) is applied consistently.

I’ve been sustaining my own ‘Journal’ for a month as for now and must say – it’s got a power to surprise. I mean – reading my own two-weeks-old thoughts is sometimes like flying on another planet… But one important rule – one has to be honest – and a diary is a great lecture in honesty… On one day I wrote: ‘I’m not going to pretend that I have something interesting to say…” And sometimes is nothing more than that…

So, good luck with that – if you accept this challenge of mine…


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Born in Poland. Lives in Ireland, Cork. Visual artist. View all posts by kasia

2 responses to “Some benefits of keeping a ‘Studio Journal’…

  • Mary

    Hi Katarzyna, I’ve just spent a couple of hours here. I hadn’t visited in quite a while and found tons to read, interesting because honest and passionate. Thank you.

  • skonieczna

    Thanks. You are always so encouraging… I’m glad that this site can amuse/interest someone as persistently/honestly as in your case. My ‘thanks’ to you too.

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