Diary (8): ‘Strawberry Fields’… Forever?

Fascinating, how the same (or very similar) ideas circulate in the air and through time/space passage ‘tapping on’ heads of different individuals.

Can’t tell exactly how my last concept has originated, it seemed just to sprout like a spring wild flower – out of nothing. Out of sudden I became quite preoccupied with strawberries: their smell, colour, flavour, their sweetness and delight, their dark Bosch’s meaning (still have before my eyes those angelic figures from his “Garden of Earthly Delights” devouring those enormous red fruits with those lascivious smiles).

Then a flow of associations came in a natural way: I. Bergman’s great Wild Strawberries with his concept of the Smultronstallet – a blissful patch of memory, a time/space and energy, a moment, that person – the Golden Age which we once possessed being incomparably happy… Then J. Milton’s Paradise Lost with some great analyses of how human mind deceives itself – having the power to change, ignore the reality (The mind is its own place, and in itself/ Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n. Book I, 254-255)…

Starting from an almost literal view of a fruit (sweet, delicious and… forbidden) I’ve ended up with a mental-scape of glimmering, colourful (yet, not without the dark spots) ‘jungle’ – my own Strawberry Fields (see above and in ‘My Work’) What’s funny, I didn’t pay the slightest attention to J. Lennon’s the Strawberry Fields Forever vision – I was, in a fact, quite surprised when getting aware of that (yet another proof for the  ‘traveling’ ideas)… A series of paintings has followed all that brain-storm… I have never yet experienced such an easiness and such a satisfaction when painting… Seems like one has to think things through and through before attacking a patch of canvas with paint. But sometimes, one real conversation with someone (especially when love/admiration is in the air), one thought having been read somewhere can act as an attitude/life changing trigger.

I’ve learned awfully lot during the last three weeks of this year academic study. More than in the last ten months put together – or, should I say – just because of that apparently painfully chaotic period of a struggle, I could have performed my own little wonder of a true metamorphosis. Nothing is to be lost in nature and so in art, or – as it looks like for today…


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