The Art of Winning

And now, again, for something completely different – yet, curiously similar to the whole endeavor of making, dealing with art:

Sunday 08 June 2008 – Robert Kubica takes his maiden win in the GP raceaaa

in Formula 1 car on a tor in Montreal.

Have been his warm admirer right from the first day he entered the competition over two years ago.

In such an ordinary, free from the inferior complex way, just as if he had belonged there…A quiet guy from Eastern Europe, with no money or tradition, ‘only’ with talent…

Those speeding cars playing with the laws of physics…Those drivers struggling at the edge of the human possibilities drawn by nature…

I take great pleasure feeling the passion behind that ridiculous, expansive game,I love the energy it emanates, the need of pushing the boundaries;

I love the madness of it and the excellency in planning and technological solutions;

I find it curiously beautiful and irresistible, despite of all the obvious vices inbuilt in it…

A year ago Robert Kubica might have been killed in a horrendous accident during the Montreal race. Many thought he would never, both physically and mentally, recover from that blow…This time, facing the same challenge, he delivers a delightful performance of character and skill.

The art or fighting back, the art of winning was there. I had some unforgettable moments on that day, just as inspiring as some of the great artworks are. All the best, Robert, your passion is infectious, let it last against time…


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