“The Lullabies of the World”

One of my last treasures ‘dug up’ at the You Tube (I believe the idea-giver for this service should be awarded with the Peace Nobel Price – for allowing millions of people to share audio-visual emotions). Looking for work by Paul Driessen (more about him on different occasion) I found some animations from Russia; having an immediate comparison I have to admit that I did like more the work by those completely unknown individuals (though some of them seemed to be influenced by the Dutch master). Driessen is a class in himself, with an unique sense of humour; yet, at the same time, he appears to strum self-indulging strings – being over-cynical, over-stylish (if not manneristic) and relying too much on the ‘tricks’ he’s invented… And here (above) we have a Jewish lullaby made by a Russian artist, whom I’ve never heard about- as fresh as a child’s smile and just as innocent. Above that – its imaginary is brilliant, neat and original, delivering an emotional message (“too many things put momma on her little fledgling/ her love didn’t allow me to become a bird”) in a poignantly successful, artistically pleasing way.

But, that is not all. Russian animators (with Arsen Gottlieb fathering the idea) have launched a multi-cultural project “The Lullabies of the World” (“Kolybelnye Mira”) trying to visualize what Russian, Turkish, Swedish or Jewish children may dream about hearing their mothers’ loving songs over their beds. With original lyrics and authorial (usually one particular artist is responsible for one piece) these animated visions (twenty so far, but work is in progress) are simply beautiful and quite often unusually inspiring. They tell more about the cultures presented than many documentaries do – it seems that if one wants to really meet a different civilization, one has to go to visit its graveyards and its nurseries… There is a profoundly deep connection between a cultural/national identity and the way particular nations take care of their dead ones as well as of dreams of their young ones.

I found the whole experience incredibly rewarding, if not mind-blowing – I – being fed with Disney’s and generally – “Western” monopoly on ‘telling’ fairy-tales, on carving dreams of childhood (and enjoying that too – to be honest). It’s like to discover the other side of the Moon, a completely neglected world of that ‘other’, so distinctive, yet – for god’s sake – my own, “Eastern” spirituality. That is how an innocent ‘surf’ – a virtual journey has evolved into a serious, introspective identity self-exam. I’m going, from now on – to pay much more attention to the phenomena, which make the lands East of the former Berlin wall unique as they still are.


‘Duratrub’ has uploaded the video to the youtube, together with the other animations mentioned above. Thank you. Please, double-click on the ‘screen’ to get the access to the service. You can also use the link above to find out about the project.


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