The fantastic Canon EOS 40D

camJust became a lucky owner of this formidable camera. First of all – its body is designed for a decent pair of (masculine – I suppose) hands – mine is fainting after ten minutes of holding it and struggling with all the sophisticated apparatus on it. Having EOS 350D I really feel the difference in the size. Above that, attaching a battery grip and 70-300mm lens to it, the weight must be not less than three pounds – so a soft, comfortable neck strap and a bag (I would recommend a rucksack – just for the comfort) is just necessary. But, beside it – it’s really an owner’s friendly, unusually intelligent and able piece of modern technology.

Wouldn’t be myself not starting from the aesthetics – Canon 40D is a very pleasing object to look at – elegant and beautiful; I like especially its ascetic design and the rough surface (visible on the photo above), which gives it so stylish,  classic-looking finish. It comes with the 10.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 3.0″ LSD screen with the “Life-View” mode (this ‘on-screen’ viewfinder option not available in Canon D before), automatic cleaning system (built-in self-care against dust), ability to shoot 6.5 frames per second, sensitive 9-point AF system allowing fast, precise focus even in a complex lighting conditions. What else? Well – I’m not going to repeat what dozens of e-bay sellers write when selling this camera… Instead of that, I would like to reflect on why I’ve chosen it:

-first of all – it’s Canon – I’ve got one Nikon but found it less ‘readable’ and intuitive in the use

– then – in its price range (about 1000$ for a camera/standard lens/CF card and more kit; about 650-700$ for a body) is probably the fastest, the most advanced, the most reliable, the most professional of all (correct me if I’m wrong)

– its got a fantastic upgrading potential – since it’s able to work with highly demanding lens

-40d can be personalised to a considerable extent – you can register your own Menu, and your own shooting modes (three of them are very easily accessible via the central mode wheel on a top of the camera), you can set an exact temperature of light which allows both to get a perfect White Balance for a particular lighting conditions and – to manipulate it in a free, yet subtle way (my favourite is the WB shift/bracketing where one can set the camera to ‘see’ an image through reddish, green-bluish, grayish etc, etc. “eyeglasses”), and – many more user -preferences options…

– summing it all – it’s a truly creative, competent equipment for creative people, just like a pencil a or brush in a skilled, self-confident hand – it’s able to perform a sensitive, unique ballet of form, colour, light and meaning being like an external extension of thoughts and emotions, of its holder’s one and only view (if not a vision) of the world around… I only humbly hope to make a good use of it…


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