Having this blasphemous, pompous little web-blog…

Having this blasphemous, pompous, little web-blog… With all that joy, satisfaction and all that doubt and anger…

Sometimes it’s only the most primitive sense of responsibility that keeps it going…

But much often it grows out of my need to communicate. To link myself to myself, to a community of individuals and ideas. Thereby, just like art has been invented to tame the chaos of reality, I’ve been inventing my reflection about it to perform the same ‘magic’.

An artist is the one who perhaps more than anyone else understands, appreciates and makes use of that simplest, yet deepest and most essential of human desires – a need to communicate with others, despite of a level of his/hers alienation and a desire to not-to-communicate, to remain blissfully withdrawn (yes – I bet dozens of you there know perfectly what I mean).

And by ‘communicate’ I mean to spark a real spiritual connection between a message-giver and a message-taker. How scare is that connection between people (to differentiate from ‘chatting’, official ‘talk’, verbal noise etc.) one gets aware only when an accident or some sort of an impairment gives a shake to the most basic (and always taken for granted) expectations concerning the language and its use.

Imagine that you woke up on a planet where nobody speaks your language, or that you lost hearing or an ability for an articulation so everything you say sounds like a gurgle… Imagine that you went blind and eyes of others doesn’t speak any more… Imagine that your mind works like a transceiver out of tune and you have to struggle to make sense of the verbal information that flows through…

Communication is an art in itself. It’s what happens because of the power of words and despite them, because you care and are ready to give something real… Because we strive for it for 98% of the time when we use the language, but fail to communicate.

Some really smart articles has been written about why the Internet-based communication is impaired due to its most intrinsic qualities. In its most traditional sense cannot be thought as possible at all – how, on Earth, can someone attempt to ‘spark a real spiritual connection’ when the only tangible receivers are a computer’s screen and a keyboard? Yet, I feel bond to try. That reminds me about a nice experience I had when sending a message into space from an astronomical observatory. The very first thing I could think of was … my name. And although it had to be translated into a special hieroglyphic-looking code and sent out on a distance beyond the reach of common sense I got that moving feeling of making a connection. With whom? Why?

It doesn’t matter. We communicate because we are. That’s exactly the same reason why we create works of art. Any additional reasoning is just a words-splitting.

Silence can be a powerful message too. My, this blog related silence has many sources but disrespect towards my readers and communication in itself is not one of them. Hopefully, my third year of fine art study (God -how that time flies…), which is to be commenced in few weeks will bring an eruption of meaning and excitement to this page. Thanks to you all, still (or those who just started) being there…


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