Nan Goldin’s photos – because truth liberates…

La literature m’assura que les hommes existaient depuis longtemps.
La musique m’apprit que leur melancolie les precedait.
La peinture me precisa que les hurlements peuvent etre silencieux.
Le jour se leve, gris bleu et m’envahit.
Tes yeux aussi e levent et me rencontrant me sortent de l’obscurite.
Ce qui est inter-dit, entre reel and imaginaire, entre ombre et lumiere, cet
espace inoui et regnant, la, dans le creux, dans mon creux, dans ton creux
qui, se rejoignant, forment ce plein qui nous tient.

Je t’aime

Bruno Renou

Literature assures that humans have existed for a long time.
Music teaches that their melancholy precedes them.
Painting makes it clear that screams can be silent.
Day has risen, grayish blue, and it has flooded me.
Your eyes have risen too to encounter me and release me from darkness.
What cannot be said enters reality and imagination, night and light, it
Expands incredibly and takes a reign, over a void, over my void, over your void
Those hollows, when united compose a wholeness that keeps us together.

Nan Goldin (b. 1953, American) – fine-art and documentary photographer, widely recognized as one of the most influencing and important photographers working today.

Goldin’s work is a class in itself, at the same time – intensely private but with an universal appeal, shamelessly exhibitionist yet fulfilled with tenderness, almost casual in its visual simplicity yet easily betraying its complex, spiritual content.

The artist lives in New York and Paris and it’s there where she has been dancing her boldly personal and miraculous dance of translating ordinary lives of her close friends – passionate homo and heterosexual couples, HIV and abuse victims, bohemian artists and writers into an ultra modern mythological tales of love, passion, sex, death, sorrow, loneliness.

There is a formidable honesty and – because of that – a huge blow of freedom which her photos pulsate with. Couples make love ignoring us completely, then they sink into themselves – and again, we are invited and ignored, naked modern Madonnas with all the imperfections of their bodies gaze towards the viewer with self-assurance which no male photographer was ever able to capture … and so on, and so on…

These images are mesmerizing in their power to convey humanity – that uncanny quality of being-as-a-human (what, on Earth, does it mean actually?), they obey no tabu or cultural savoir vivre , they cross borders and make any conventions, ‘social contracts’, all sort of ‘polite’ , moral rubbish etc. look so ridiculous, that one can wonder – why does it still control our lives?…

They are so beautifully truthful – they will be still in a hundred years… Tales of souls devoured by passions, abandoning themselves for each other yet always alone, completely exposed and completely concealed, courageous and fragile…


“Je t’aime” poem written by Goldin’s friend and ‘model’ Bruno Renou appears in fragments, translated by K.S., all photos featured by Nan Goldin.


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