London, London…

I’ve just had a privilege to visit some compelling exhibitions and collections in this beautiful city spread along Tames banks. In the next few posts I am going to reflect on those few events, which especially caught my attention and which keep to feed my memory with an inspiration.

Eight major exhibitions in five different places, two long walks by evening lights, three nights in a nice, vibrant student’s accommodation, almost four days in the city of J.M.W. Turner – that was an intensely stimulating, recommendable experience.

London is a grand, wisely-handled and gorgeously designed metropolis. Though its “Englishness” has been completely diluted by a multicultural collage of incomers, one can still notice this typically British sense of order, respect towards laws, exemplary manners, a bit of eccentricity and an admiration of arts. Galleries and museums of London host the most stunning collections there are – the proud inheritance of the centuries of a care and efforts (someone ironic enough could say that actually – there is very little ‘English’ in the British most worshiped art temples – a great amount of the artworks has been found, bought and/or … grabbed overseas during England long conquering escapades). Along with the guests, one can see the exhibitions’ spaces packed with dozens of the ‘locals’ eager to experience, what is the ‘new’ in their precious places. Guards in the National Gallery could compete with policemen surrounding tightly the House of Parliaments in their forbidding looks – one could imagine them protecting endangered masterpieces with their own bodies…

Visit then London now, even for a while – to see ancient and absolutely amazing art of Byzantium, dazzling works of Babylon, Rothko’s and Bacon’s major shows, then – permanently there paintings of Masaccio, Mantegna, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Holbein, Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Turner, Monet, van Gogh and others – all in one place…


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