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Just discovering Flickr and new possibilities of displaying pictures and blogging – in general. Fascinating – there is always something new to learn – and each day! I’m just writing this out of the WordPress’s ‘mother’ page, feeling like a naughty kid sneaking out of a control…

My advice to those of you, who don’t have the Flickr account – just set it up – it gives you a peace of mind, that your beloved images won’t simply disappear meeting with your PC disaster (believe it or not – it happened to me once, I lost 70% of two-years work), and – being as modest as we, artistic beings are – it’s a handy way to share/ show others, what are we up to… You can also make your sets/collections – in other words – keep your chaos ordered…

One more word – be prepared to buy ‘pro’ – unlimited account (24.99$ per year) – that standard one doesn’t particularly suit most of your needs – especially, when you want to keep your pics in a decent quality and quantity – but – it is all well worth it!

And coming soon – my slideshow/ article/s, about what I was trying to do as an art student during those last few months. Still cannot find the proper expressions for it… Not, that it’s so good, but due its intensely personal and generally, complex (or – I am making it as such) nature. Yet – I will try…

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