Whilt – what have I learned today? (1)

What have I learned today (Whilt) – my new series I hope to use to record my day to day discoveries. These maybe as little as learning a new word in a different language and as extraordinary as … discovering a new law of physics (why not, after all?). In a sense it’s a self-disciplinary tool to keep me going (hope you too) on my way with an always-open, searching and questioning mind and spirit. Always on a move – who stops in a one place, goes backwards; feeling the times and spaces of ‘here and now’ – answering to their needs/challenges; and the self-education  – because ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’ (Socrates) – this is, what it all is about… Join me, if you wish, share your daily Eureka-s…

Francis Bacon (Sir. – a writer and a philosopher, not the painter) was born in London in 1561.

– He was an excellent solicitor and a statesman, 1613 – became attorney general, 1618 – Lord Chancellor, dies 1626.

– His (called ‘Baconian‘ or ‘scientific’) method of reasoning (developing of philosophy) is characterized by an induction (going from particular instances to general laws) and by an internal struggle with preconceived ideas – his famous Idols. Idols are of four types and are a major obstruction in an objective/innovatory reasoning. These are Idols of: Tribe (humans’ tendency to perceive more order in systems that there truly is), Cave (thinking out of our biased , personal ‘cave’ – our personality/likes/dislikes), Marketplace (I don’t get the meaning of the name here, but it has something to do with the weakness of the language – with the protean nature of words/expressions), Theater (thinking along frames and grids of other philosophical systems, even when they don’t suit the concept/problem). See more his works here.

– he wrote also a set of comparatively lightweight essays on truth, love, nobility, death – see them here

– quote to remember: Knowledge is power. (Meditationes Sacrae. De Haeresibus. 1597)

– curiosity: there are some sources (like M. Twain’s Is Shakespeare Dead?) claiming, that he was an author of some of Shakespeare’s works… well, I will have to search this through to say yes/no.

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed this one. Interestingly enough – even after writing this and hearing “Francis Bacon” again, I will probably have on my mind,  firstly – the painter’s screaming, gorgeous works and then – ‘scientific method’ and ‘Knowledge is power’ , well – the power of art, the power of images proves to be even more intense than that of the pure ‘knowledge’… Or, so it seems to be…


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