Words, Words, Words… Whilt (4)

This chat would my favourite of all for a long time…

– What do you read my Lord? (Polonius)
– Words, Words, Words (Hamlet)
– But what is the matter? (Polonius)
– Between who? (Hamlet)

Being in my teens I would tease my partners in a conversation – ‘words, words, words’ – this is all, what we are saying, we are – in  a fact – making noise using them, they are meaningless… They would look at me like being slapped in the face – they were never ready to accept the provocation and to start to play – but who was to blame, after all? We were and we are being brought up taking the profound purposefulness and logicality of the language perfectly for granted, we talk to communicate – don’t we – why we would bother, otherwise?

But what the Prince it trying to express ? – why does he refuse to make a ‘proper’ dialogue and answer the question as he was expected to do? Most probably, for the same reason he says (after being named a ‘son’ by the murderer of his father): “A more than a kin, and less than kind” referring to Claudius, who – being a stepfather and an uncle is double-related to him, yet – not really his kin or ‘kind’ – words always denote common understanding – hearing ‘uncle’ we are programmed to think ‘kin’, ‘family’ – But, does our understanding of a term really goes with the actual meaning/sense of it that Hamlet could have had, after meeting his father’s ghost? Hamlet knows from his tragic experience, than ‘words’ are only ‘words’ – they are being used like a knife – in a double-sided way – to cut the bread and to kill; their power – both positive and negative – comes from their powerlessness, for their notorious and deep inadequacy to signify the true essence of things continuously agitates the human mind…

Yesterday I bought an ambitious Irish daily newspaper, I tried to find an article, a story, anything worth my time and money – I searched in vain… Words, words, words – ladies and gentlemen… But it could have been worse – they could have  filled in the entire edition with images – equally pseudo-important… Thankfully, the image doesn’t bore, lie and/or deceive that easily, not yet…



To avoid any misunderstanding – I don’t regard bombarding cities in Gaza Strip as a story ‘not worthy’ my time (or money); but one cannot praise the news givers for ‘providing’ the news in themselves, for the human tragedies/attrocities as well as great events  just are and happen, regardless of our ability to grasp them and to convey in a meaningful way… But I do mind multiplying publicly expressesed ‘opinions’, ‘reviews’ etc. which add nothing to the phenomena in themselves, except maybe the authors names and the confusion of all that wishy-washy patronizing talk…


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