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I’ve just found a friend on Flickr. I hope, he won’t mind this post of mine. Hans Heiner is a German artist living in Tbilisi, Georgia. His neo-expressionist paintings have been inspiring me for some time. Their raw intensity, emotional/expressive power and honesty are simply addicting. The great artists like George Baselitz, Jean-Michel Basquiat or even Chaim Soutine come to mind when one browses those dozens of hugely evocative images, usually conveying forceful emotions/message in an impressively economical, disciplined manner.

Hans (grijsz) seems to be also a skillful draughtsman, pop-artist, photographer and an art-animator. One can only envy and admire his energy, talents, free-spirited attitude and a truly amazing personality, which simply radiate from the work and photos available on the net. In such moments of some really inspiring discoveries I’m getting very grateful for an invention of the Internet – just imagine not to have the slightest idea about all those fascinating artists working out of the ‘celebrities’ status in the intimacy and glory of their own wonderful worlds! That would be like living in 12th c. Europe – the self-proclaimed ‘center of the world’ with a very little awareness, how the planet really looks and works like…

To meet the artist – please, visit his blogs: New Images, The Art Club Caucasus and grijsz’s Flickr page

Photo featured by H. Heiner – Khevsureti, Georgia, Caucasus


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