The New Beginning…


Terra Incognita (from Latin: Unknown Land) has been established on 30 October 2007.

On 11th January 2009 the name of the blog has been modified from Terra Incognita to Terra Incognita – Art News. The change has been made in order to underline the contemporary and ever-changing character of the site’s contents as well as its specifically ART-related character.

This site has been created and is kept in order to support its author’s visual art studies in the Art College towards BA Fine Art. It’s meant to show studying and making art as a complex, fascinating and never-ending process of the world and self-discovery. It’s also the motivational and disciplinary device to ensure the acquisition and fostering the theoretical, intellectual and practical competency in art, both for its creator and the readers.

This site shows the issues both from a purely personal (e.g. art diary) and a general point of view (e.g. articles on artists). Its designed to display day-to-day findings and re-discoveries and to present an opinionated outlook on these.

Terra Incognita – Art News is a web-space created for you with pride and enjoyment. Its main goal is to acknowledge, embrace and get to know the “Unknown” – the modern Art, Art-World and the place of a contemporary artist, art student in it.


The text above is the up-date I have made on “The Site” page of this blog.

I’ve realised how extremely important is to re-think, re-dress, re-create things from time to time; especially when art is involved.

I already feel like being weeks ahead of my own blog, as an artist and an art student – I guess this is what happens when one is half-present in his/her activity.

I need to form a new shape for myself, for my artwork – and, naturally – for this site as well.

The main changes will focus on adopting more practical, the profession, purposes and goals – orientated approach.

I will continue, I hope, to keep the posts and articles on a high level. Yet, the more ‘public’, magazine-like outcome will be imposed.

The main reason behind it is to prepare me for my future, professional path which I intend to follow as an artist, art critic, art expert, art teacher (who knows?).

Thank you.



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Born in Poland. Lives in Ireland, Cork. Visual artist. View all posts by kasia

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