Art is no more… (Whilt 12)

Art is no more. It doesn’t matter any more. Few decades from now on, without any new input of any new visual expression would do us all great. We are all over-loaded, the world is over-saturated with pictures.

Conservators and museums do their best, and in 2500 the human race still marvels over Massacio, enjoys Matisse, gets confused wrinkles over ‘Mr. Important Conceptualist’.

In 4500 the most sophisticated communication between the members of the population flows in a continuous river of the perfectly balanced impulses from the brain-installed implants. No dream-catchers are needed, no thoughts brokers and emotions dealers allowed. Experience of living is a powerful, never-ending climax of meaning, yet no need/desire to use any kind of the ‘conventional’ language ever reaches that multiverse of sense and beauty.

I’m having now two simultaneous streams of images/concepts going through my head; one is obsessively evolving around the contemporary paintings I saw recently and the theory of art I have studied; the other flashes with a vivid recollection of Gaza war chaos and drama, some great death-escapes (as a heroic pilot lands the broken plane safely on the water), some very ordinary challenges of the everyday existence. And these two worlds seem to form two different orbits – visible for each other, yet never really meeting or interacting…

I would say, in theory it’s getting closer, in practice – you see art today, you think about your work, and you have that overwhelming feeling – the real stuff happens elsewhere.  Art in general, my art (in particular) is like a granny trying to break in a wild horse, its language and politics – no matter how ‘contemporary’ – are not exactly there yet, pretentious and impotent… And ‘yet’ is a key-world here. Since why to bother with all that after all… art is the null, but it’s got that privilege of being the ‘great null’. Its DNA is that of the Black Holes of the Universe – it compares to nothing from the world you know as a common bread-eater. By its superior genetics art is the space of a transformation and becoming, it can transform into its own antithesis…

And that is my lesson for today… Night, night…



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2 responses to “Art is no more… (Whilt 12)

  • Hans

    Art itself communicates via the Centuries. Watching a work by Velazquez or Vermeer, the artist communicates with me. The level of communication depends on your own education/brain. This will be never out of date for sure !

  • skonieczna

    Imagine to communicate without the necessity to reach for any medium – just absolutely directly. It’s not the question of becoming ‘out of date’, but ‘out of sense’. I can imagine something like that working; hopefully long after I’m gone – I love art as a medium…

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