Land that plane on Hudson…(Whilt 13)

Peter Bruegel, Landschaft mit dem Sturz des Ikarus, c. 1560, oil on canvas

(The work of art depicted in this image and the reproduction thereof are in the public domain worldwide. The reproduction is part of a collection of reproductions compiled by The Yorck Project.)


I hope it will leak to the everyday language as a form of a proverb/saying, just the way : “Cross your Rubicon” is…

“Land that plane on Hudson…” – would mean – do attempt nearly impossible, and not merely ‘attempt’, but do this in the best possible way; and do this now, each minute counts …

As many of you, I’ve been following the crush landing on Hudson river (from 15th Jan. 2009) with the growing amazement. What emerged as a perfect ‘news’ story of a drama, heroism and ‘happy ending’ (bet – the movie-makers already have the scripts of a blockbuster ready in their heads) continues to stupefy and will keep, I guess, in years to come. In our neurotically disintegrated reality of conflicting meanings and shaky values – a man in charge does just the right thing in just the right way – something that keeps us open-mouthed would be called merely ‘a routine fulfillment of duty’ a hundred years ago.

And I cannot help marveling at the sheer beauty of that landing (now available online from all major broadcasters) – the art of flying, the art in itself embodied – just the only way it was meant to be in technical terms, but it comes very close to the sublime quality,  considering all the circumstances (just imagine – that so simply- looking, smooth, controlled, successful dive is still regarded as nearly impossible to achieve by experts)…

Looking at that comparatively small, white ‘bird’ falling off the sky so beautifully and dramatically, with the world ‘watching’ around helplessly – I thought about the Icarus’s poignant story – a boy, who wanted to be closer to the sun, and fell of the sky in the waters – no one has ever paid any attention (as Breugel’s great vision form above captures it; just try to find Icarus…), just as it remains mostly unshaken by one or another dreamer being crushed to death (social, cultural, personal, economical, actual defeat) due his/her daring pursue to get closer to the sun…

Yet, it’s all worth to try – and to try in the best possible way, there is – as Capt. Sullensberger’s example shows…

And this is what I have learned today (Whilt)…



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2 responses to “Land that plane on Hudson…(Whilt 13)

  • Hans

    Very well captured ! I was amazed by Sully (by Brueghel anyway) and had a flight next day from Frankfurt to Tbilisi, with a cool Georgian Boeing Cowboy at the rudders. Still felt while start and landing weird…. ;-))) Best regards, Katarzyna, Hans

  • skonieczna

    Well, nice to hear that you didn’t have to ‘land that plane on Hudson’. Neither Sully nor Breughel has been flying with you, I guess…

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