“For the world has changed…” (Whilt 14),

Well, it’s been rather an emotional day… wasn’t it?

You don’t have to be a supporter of the 44th President of the US to feel the profoundness of the moment. Personally, I can hardly remember from an experience this very intense joy of witnessing the ‘history in making’; my generation came to ‘power’ of its awareness after the first man has landed on the Moon, after the Cold War has finished and after the Communist monster  has been crushed. Now, something close to magic is going on in the air, some sort of an awaken passion and an inspiration instead of the sleepy  indifference and ‘everything goes’ philosophies; I met students of law, art, philosophy and I spoke to middle-aged taxi-drivers; their eyes sparkled when Barrack Obama’s name was mentioned.

Basically, he is an artist – the new man in charge – the pure-blooded, first-rank artist, whose art is that of a born and charismatic leader – he uses words, his entire persona the way Turner was using watercolours painting his stormy seascapes or Leonardo his oils rendering all those sublime figures hovering somewhere between human and angelic states…He crafts simple messages-concepts into some compelling, wings-giving visions, which both – transcend their time and space,  yet – draw their power from a deep respect and a concern for the ‘real’ and the ‘present’.

He is also a very classical type – I would say the Old Master, being only at the dawn of his challenging way. Just look at the Inauguration Ceremony – musicians and poets delivering the messages of beauty and integrity (all great leaders had used art to ennoble their position and visions), priests preaching (as – traditionally – the spiritual power meets and supports the political might)… And him – surrounded by all those brilliant outfits, velvet curtains and ancient symbols (Lincoln’s Bible and inspiration) – displaying impeccable manners and the air of authority, which only his inborn and greatly cultivated aristocracy of the spirit could have made to look so natural…

Everything about him is so stylish that he is already a myth – just see his icon-portrait done for the campaign’s sake. This Warhol-esque piece of the contemporary design (difficult to say ‘art’) is already a ‘pop-celebrity’ on its own – I guess Baudrillard has his sweet satisfaction in the other life seeing his magic of ‘simulacra’ realised. I’ve seen recently an exhibition -like event with this poster on the view – the modern Mona Lisa with the crowds swelling around it in order to get closer and have a shot taken… Crazy ? – rather not…

For the world has changed and we must change with it (Inauguration Speech) – change, hope, responsibility, virtue, freedom, courage, curiosity, honesty – time to assess the past rigidly and leave it, time for a change – because the world is not the same any more. Let’s treasure these moments, no matter what will come sooner or later. They’re quite rare and they may define years and epochs to come… Also, for an art-world, also for you as an artist if you’ll choose to. We live in the great times, despite all the appearances – let’s teach ourselves to inspire others, to re-inspire ourselves…


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2 responses to ““For the world has changed…” (Whilt 14),

  • Hans

    Very well said !

    He is also the young boy watching starry-eyed fascinated on a unique world

  • skonieczna

    Well-said too…Indeed, there is that ‘starry-eyed’ amazement of a five-years old discovering that there is the entire Cosmos out there. This is what Chagall had said, that artist’s responsibility is to ‘keep awake the sense of wonder in the world’… But to do this you have to be ‘starry-eyed’ yourself…

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