Switching the world off… (Whilt 16)

Yep, it happens all the time. Don’t you believe me? How long can this article of mine hold your full attention? I mean the ‘full monty’ really; or – maybe, by any chance you’ve already started to ‘scan’ this very work of mine produced with an effort with the light speed (as most of us do with the most of web-stuff), thinking about a dozen of other sites you have to visit to ‘update’?

No, don’t mean to be grumpy, just enjoying my ‘come back’ after I’ ve switched my activity here off, with no reason other than my conscious choice to focus on the most important things in my ‘real’ life…

That makes us all feel a bit less significant, doesn’t it? Today – we sense the attention of … well – dozens?, hundreds? Maybe just a handful of you – my ‘caught fish’, so diversified and puzzling? Well, we make it so life-like; don’t we – we try, at least –  to turn clicking and editing, pasting and commenting into an intense, stimulating, interactive experience… Only ‘but’ is that one can switch the whole thing off in no time at all… No consequences, no buzzing phones or ‘meaningful’ looks, nothing… A bit scary and… refreshingly down to Earth; especially when one considers his art and artistic ‘biography’ existing sometimes only or predominantly online…

Nothing except the abstract sense of ‘belonging’ to a particular web-host, particular micro-virtual-culture and a web of contacts and revisited places shapes my identity here. At the same time, what I’ve gained through my blogging over the last year and a half wouldn’t possibly find any equivalent in the ‘real’. Hundreds of times I’ve considered my time here lost, but ‘lost’ in an invaluable way… Paradoxes – all the web-experience is based and shaped by those. The great and so accurate metaphor of our lives now – overloaded, too fast, to shallow, to easy to ‘switch off’ with little or no consequences at all…

Coming back then… Coming back by going away, and going away by slowly starting the same adventure again and anew at the same time…


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Born in Poland. Lives in Ireland, Cork. Visual artist. View all posts by kasia

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