I dedicate this part of the site to my 8-years old son Bernard who was recently diagnosed with ASD. To a beautiful, brilliant boy, who loves animals and cherishes people.

Autism is not a ‘skeleton in your closet’ – it is a part of human make-up just like the mental capability (IQ) or personality is. What is especially fascinating about the phenomenon is, that it naturally forces everyone involved to become more open and curious, more self-aware and more philosophical about our species as a whole.

A mind-bogging enigma, an ever-going challenge autism is best reached via various metaphors, jokes and comparisons with the so-called ‘ordinary’ Neuro-Typical (NTs).

Here as a sample some ‘research’ from The Institute of The Study of the NTs (Neurologically Typical)

NT Theory of Mind = Everyone thinks like me, except when shown to be otherwise. Autistic Theory of Mind = Everyone thinks differently from me — vastly and mysteriously — except when shown to be otherwise.

Have you ever noticed that “normal” people cannot think about the possibility that each person might live in a separate world? They can accept it as an intellectual curiosity suitable for a philosophy class, but on a day-to-day basis? They will change the subject rapidly because it causes anxiety they aren’t prepared to handle.

They think (erroneously) that they are alike, that they have already communicated and that no more communication is necessary. If no more communication is necessary, than any attempt at communication is a step in the wrong direction.

Thoughtful – isn’t it? Yet I have a dream today… Dream that we ALL be able to talk about our shared humanity the way we talk about the rain in Ireland. Casually and inescapably… and together, without differentiating on ‘us’ and ‘them’.

One response to “ASD

  • Judy M.

    I enjoyed the and reflections above.
    Art is the place where Asperger’s comes into its own. Being “normal” is not an advantage. Being an intelligent expressive individual is.
    A site is developing to showcase creative individuals with AS, and a diverse creative community.
    Your contribution in a profile or through links to your site would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you for your thoughtful and inspiring site.
    Judy M.

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