Name and Purpose:

Terra Incognita (from latin: Unknown Land) has been established on 30 October 2007.

This site has been originally created in order to support its author’s visual studies in the Art College; yet it’s kept as a practical tool of an artist’s profession.  It’s also the motivational and disciplinary device to ensure the acquisition and fostering the theoretical, intellectual and practical competency in art, both for its creator and the readers.

This site shows the issues both from a purely personal (e.g. art diary) and a general point of view (e.g. articles on artists). Its designed to display art-related findings and re-discoveries and to present an opinionated outlook on these.


  1. This site presents private opinions, thoughts and works of its author. If a thought/ an image doesn’t belong to me I try to make it clear either by quotations marks or by naming my source directly. If you think that any content of this page hasn’t been credited as it should be – please let me know about this.
  2. I cannot (yet) consider myself as being ‘an expert’ on the issues presented;  therefore a critical reading is strongly encouraged. I will be grateful for any inaccuracy or misconception spotted.
  3. Any unauthorised by me sharing of the original contents of this site (texts/images of my work etc.) is not encouraged.
  4. This site is meant to be public, so the comments are invited. You can send me an e-mail ( if you don’t want to ask or express your thoughts on the blog.
  5. Comments that are abusive, off topic, use expressions commonly recognized as rude, insulting, profane and disrespectful will be deleted.
  6. Spam comments are not allowed.
  7. As English is not a mother-tongue of the author the corrections will be made, serious modifications of the posts (or parts of it) will be listed at the end of the text. Please, let me know if you think I should correct/make more clear any written part of this blog.
  8. I use British English, please take it into your account if you are a reader from the U.S or any other part of the world (there are some significant and minor differences in vocabulary, spelling and grammar)
  9. English is the first language of the blog because it’s the most popular code of communication in the Western World, but – in exceptional cases – I will accept comments in Polish, Russian and French.
  10. Please, let me know should you have any problems with accessing or/and understanding this site or any parts of this site.


This web blog is powered by WordPress.

The Mac OS X 10.4.10 operation system has been exclusively used to create/co – create the contents of this page.

Recommended browser is Firefox

Thank you for your time and for reading/looking at/commenting.

Katarzyna Skonieczna (Kasia M. Skonny)

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