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Polish Theatre gets the clapping!

I just couldn’t miss this great opportunity to dive in the memories of my family town – Krakow (‘Cracow’ as it is misspelled sometimes).

The annual,  intensely energetic festival of theatrical performances – the “Divine Comedy” hosted by Krakow’s stages has made the arts news in the Irish leading newspaper. In the recent edition of the “Irish Times” Peter Crawley reports from Poland in all the acclaiming terms, tinting the relation with a bit of jealously (‘why something similar cannot be done here, in Ireland?’ – one can read between the verses).

To emulate the success of the cultural event is equally difficult like – I guess, to gamble if a transplant will be accepted by the ‘mother’-body or not. In Krakow, as far as I can remember, there were at least three major national theaters (independent companies) functioning all year long and few minor ones – all employing the set of full-time and excellently prepared professionals – actors, directors, stage design artists and so on. To be a respected theatre personality in Poland has meant to be more than the talented painter, even some of the writers didn’t get the same devotion; some of the poets only (mainly Nobelists and other great-s) would equal or surpass the actors and directors on the Pantheon of the ‘moral’ and ‘existential’ guides. The most famous academies for the future ‘theatre people’ have got the magic aura around them; fine art centers only rarely could have matched them in the sky-high level of the artistry in their principles and the artworks produced.

Above that, Poland’s social, political and cultural life has been always evolving around the drama-comedy sweet-sour swing – it’s been full of a struggle, bloodshed, brain-washing, oddities and bizarre elements, hate and vanity – a bit like in Ireland, yet – in Poland there is ten times more hands to meet the challenge of becoming a professional playwright or a performer. Adding to it the long tradition and the comparatively recent excitement with the ‘showing Europe who we are’ (Poland joined the EU in 2005) – and you got a high-quality international festival, prepared and ‘powered’ mostly by the young generation and – what’s important – getting the claps!

Well done Krakow. Looking forward to hear more good news.


Read the original article here.


Jerome Murat – art is an illusion

This piece corresponds well with Baudrillard’s theory of art, yet it appears to be rooted in a totally different ideological position. So, in this very world of no real meaning art is an illusion, a deception and a lie but it’s full of inner life and sense just because it chooses to be a sort of a trick. What is Murat’s performance? What is all about? An illusionist’s manipulation? An actor’s game trying to impress us with an appearance, a story or – simply – by playing? I believe that Jerome, being a skilled actor/mime as he seems to be is making a good use of his (presumed) fascination of David Copperfield’s or Derren Brown’s performances… But he is a performing artist first of all and his message is that of an art asking magic for a date…

It’s about chemistry of an Encounter, about beauty and drama of being One among Others – so similar, yet detached; it’s about a desire of a total assimilation/unification with those whose Presence seems to be mysteriously inseparable from our own existence… It’s about re-discovering your own Face

What a pleasing and thoughtful comment on humanity…


This video has been originally uploaded to the Youtube service by “dobetko” – thank you. If it’s not playing go here, please.


This performance possess an obvious in a sense entertaining quality and it can be distracting – watching it, first of all, as a show… But it’s “just” a sign of our times – street performers engaging themselves in a superficial world (hyper-reality) of a television production…But the message is still there – I can easily imagine it being done without that catchy scenography – in black and white, without music and…it would be even more evocative.

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