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Coming back…


Photo by K. Skonieczna

Yep. Want to say ‘sorry’. Please – do accept that…lemon as a gift… and things like that… Don’t know why actually, don’t know what for. Yet – feel it’s a right thing to do.

No, I’m not going to assure you with woolly excuses (‘have been busy’ and stuff like that), instead – I will just do what, I think, you all there expect me to do – I will continue writing and sharing my view on art, my art, myself. After all, our common humanity is all we have, only sometimes we forgot, how important are those little steps: few words each day, one smile, one or two communicated meanings, a value shown and defended…

With me it’s all the same problem – wanting too much of myself, dumping a great deal of everything I’ve managed to achieve, both as an art student and a person shaping her identity…

Chasing the perfection, the excellence, being to impatient to ponder over ‘small things’, silly matters, immature attempts… And to share them? No – I would not put THAT to my curriculum…

Well, it’s an ongoing struggle, yet – I’ve got over that particular difficulty a little… What I’ve realized recently is, that this web-space of mine has become a bit like a public venue, more than just a personal site. In a sense, I let it open to my ‘invisible’ guests to come and visit, both longing and being frighten because of that possibility – to have dozens of eyes focused on my writing. I like to sense this very online ‘creation’ of mine, this blog, having its own life – new visitors coming despite of me abandoning it. I like to feel just like one of you, my readers, co-creating something what asks, what needs to be created or re-created in order to have our life enriched, our spirits ennobled, our hearts warmed and our minds challenged.

What I promise now is that I can’t promise anything. Thanks for you out there for dropping in here and spending your priceless time reading this.

Oh, Passion – where are thou?

Where is that deadly enemy,
that incurable insanity,
that curse, fire, Devil, power, tempest…
All forces of Nature and Man,
untameable, devouring, eternal…
Oh, Passion – where are thou?

They feed you with milk of their tenderness,
these civilised ones of this very polite world,
they know no life or death, love or hate,
dried leaves of expired flowers exist more than them…
Religions, indifference and cruelty as opiums,
Philosophy and Art as a moral ladder and a smoke-screen…

Has any human creature ever existed,
at least the way a rose or a horse happens,
or the way angels struggle to come to being?
It seems that by inventing God, Hell, Vacuum
and all these creations of genius and power,
that creature remains unborn for itself…

So, where is that fearless energy,
that audacious manifest of freedom,
that Heathcliff and Catherine, Faust, Hamlet,
that inhuman and real because of that,
degrading, devastating and redeeming,
Oh, Passion – where are thou?

This poem I wrote today (27/04) with a dedication to all these fighting to become less politely (read: cowardly, spiritlessly) ‘human’ and more authentically alive by finding and cultivating true passions.

Blue Dream

Recently, I’ve found myself being obsessed with blue. I’m collecting blue hues, I’m mixing countless bluish secondaries. I’m reading lots about the colour history, characteristics etc.

I’m trying different media – photography, prints, dimensional work, animation to apply different language and to explore its potential.

And first of all, I’ve got a strong emotional and more generally – spiritual response. Blue means power and infinity, in China it symbolises immortality. Blue means freedom and a mystery.

This video is just another personal comment on blue.

I used the Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

One layer is that of a dreaming person (myself) and another one is that of moving butterflies (butterfly – “Papillon” as a symbol of fragile, short-living freedom, freedom of dreaming), which is basically a collage-animation edited by the means of iMovie.

If it’s not playing click here please: skonieczna-YouTube

The world up there


The World Up There, July 2007

A view from an airplane. Taken about 2.00 am. The moon is visible. I didn’t enhance the colour – it was really that blue up there.

That photo makes me think about freedom and mystery of the world around us.



Inch, a beach just at the enter to the Dingle Peninsula, Ireland, 2007

It was just after stormy rain – a phenomenon quite ordinary in that part of Ireland.

Nobody was hoping for any Sun on that afternoon, but there it was – powerful and dazzling. I took this photo breaking the sanctified rule of photography of “not to shoot against the Sun”; I’ve been always doing this with usually satisfying outcomes (but never face the Sun for a prolonged period unless you have a proper filters on your lenses, otherwise you’re going to damage them – more advanced readers, please ignore that note).

People had just started to emerge from their temporary shelters, totally wet, half-wet or those lucky – quite dry.

There was a smell of damp boots in the air and the sound of the ocean was just terrifying. It appeared that the thunderous roar had been originated very deep underwater by a powerful force and was allowed to materialize through the massive rolling waves.

Krakow (2)


Krakow (2), 2005 (Nikon, digital)

What I like about this scene is that it looks like a dream-view or a frozen image from a handicapped mind. What’s the strange place the door leads to, and why somebody had put a drawing of a bike on a wall (you cannot see it but as a background of that drawing is a weird text about existential importance of a bike)? There is “Alchemy” small board and a number to it (?). Sculptures are those of angels and demons – all in one… I almost got myself inside but a gaze of people there made me abandon my curiosity…

This place exists at the corner of so-called Jewish Market in the former Jewish district of Krakow – Kazimierz (the memorable part of the Shindler’s List of the ghetto being established and liquidated was executed in that district).

Krakow (1)


Krakow Series. Krakow, 2005 (Nikon, digital)

On the black gate there is a small inscription (in Polish) – Street Bar “Just sit down and watch”. It’s very characteristic for Krakow-made sense of humour and corresponds well with the figure of an “elegant” bohemian man.

And there is another key to the scene hanging on the window: We invite you for a delicious coffee and cheesecake (both treats are like a Polish sense of home and hospitality in a capsule; they’ve got their coffee and cheesecake on each occasion under the Sun – for family and formal meetings, for the wedding and funeral, in a very poor and very wealthy menu).

I enjoy reading the image and extracting senses, I like the way how it tells a story (unfortunately, only to initiated people).

Drawing – Introduction

Considered to function among the most intimate, personal of all arts drawing is often defined in many different ways.
Drawing appears to be an act of mark making, a product of that act, a vehicle for visual expression, a skill of seeing things as they are (copying reality), extracting an essence from a drawn object, creating fiction (eg. drawing from imagination) and many more.

What differs drawing from other means of expression (especially from painting) are materials and techniques used but also the function and purpose.

When it’s quite popular among artists, designers, architects to make preparatory sketches in a “trial and error” approach leading usually towards a finished piece; its much less recognised to produce eg. a painting as a purely introductory material made towards a drawn piece (I mean a drawing as a finished artwork).
The history of art is partially “responsible” for that. While art colleges widely recognised drawing as a “foundation of art” and a very useful exercise in eye/hand training, the products themselves remained often unsigned and were never understood as equal to paintings, sculptures or prints.

Today’s position of drawing is even worse. Discovery of photography, cinematography, mass-media and more recently multi-media made a paper-pencil based art a sort of an old-fashioned, hobbyist’s interest useful for kids, some artists (”some” because there’s quite a number of professionals dealing with drawing only marginally) and people who just don’t have a camera or computer around the corner (and they’re in a need of recording/processing something visually).
There’re art colleges (my college is one of them) where drawing as an independent subject doesn’t exist, no compulsory classes are functioning and students who finish their degree are at considerably various levels in terms of drawing.

One may ask – why to bother at all (as we, in the 21st century, have sophisticated electronic tools and processes for image making, recording etc)? Lets take a modern cityscape – Isn’t a photo of it (obviously in colour and enhanced on the Photo-shop) or digitally manipulated design (again fabulously colourful and “busy”) a more accurate account, than a B&W modest sketch?

In our times – we like an option of “an instant life” (think about instant coffee – quick, more or less the same each time, requiring no skill or knowledge to make it, an imitation of a “real” coffee); we’re stuffed with images which are just perfect (think about the National Geographic breathtaking photos); we have no understanding and/or experience of a slow, sometimes laborious and non-efficient craftsmanship (like eg. goldsmith’s or shoemaker’s craftsmanship).

That all combines towards a model-modern-man (an average man) who doesn’t even consider himself drawing (writing) not because he thinks he’s got no talent (that’s more “advanced” thinking) or that drawing is “for artists” (writing for writers). He doesn’t even consider himself drawing (writing) because he’s got no need for translating reality that surrounds him into a meaningful and insightful set of lines on a sheet of paper (an insightful set of sentences).

We draw what we want to familiarise and to understand (that’s the main purpose of children’ drawings). Rejecting drawing doesn’t mean that we understood everything, but more that we chose another mode of functioning in our world – that of simplified, defensive, focused on symbols, stereotypes and mass-images rather than on real subjects with their real nature.
This is a point when drawíng starts to shift towards its deepest meaning. Drawing as a visual voice of a particular philosophy of an individual’s life.
Philosophy of being constantly conscious, insightful, skillful enough and ready for multiple interpretations and translations of objects, settings, situations and phenomena.
This kind of drawing is a life-long challenge, understood more in terms of extracting (or looking for, researching) senses rather than simply as a technique or a product.

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