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Where you can find me (Whilt 19)

Remember this one of my series – Whilt – What Have I learned Today?

Trying to come back to it – little day-to-day discoveries of a starry-eyed kid, which lives in me (despite my daring attempts to evict it) and within all those interesting people I’ve met.

I followed that link – contemplating a personal story of a man close to me I bumped into that movie: “Into the wild” – loyal portrayal of a real drama of Christopher McCandless – a top student from a privileged background, who – bitterly disappointed by vanity and hypocrisy of his parents, by mindless brutality and shallowness of his society drops out of the picture trying to reclaim shattered identity and personal integrity. He does it through an impossibly romantic, extreme means of going into the wild of Alaska, living only from the land-resources and in a total isolation. Being only 24 and after two years of his adventure Chris dies out of starvation in his adopted ‘home’ – a wreck of a green bus. That bus in itself becomes a destination for dozens of McCandless’s followers, his uncompromising choices in life are being interpreted in equally extreme fashion – from glorifying the ‘hero’, who had to paid the highest price for an attempt of a noble self-discovery, to scolding the ‘spoiled, egocentric’ kid.

One of the most poignant discoveries this run-away’s parents had made was, that he didn’t want to be found. One can save someone who is temporarily lost, or help the one, who plays hide-and seek game out of lack of confidence or confusion or pain, but not the one, who makes a conscious decision of ‘disappearing’ from your life. Thinking about that I started to approach this question if I, indeed, want to be ‘found’ in this very wilderness of the Internet reality. Energy and dynamics of the Web-World acts as ever-expanding multiverse – once you lose the track of its actual demands and nature – you share fate of a micro-organism completely lost somewhere in a vast vacuum of a Tropical Forest. And it doesn’t matter, if your performance here is of a poor or great quality; or of any importance to humanity in general… who really bothers after all…

Here are the online services, where you can find me, except of this site (obviously) – join and use the fun of Facebook (my name: Katarzyna Skonieczna), where you can quickly connect with those you know, check the latest ‘what’s up’ with them, compete in various (deliciously childish) games and share your thoughts the moment you think them… Twitter (my name: skonieczna) is another, very immediate and natural way of sharing your online experience, you simply answering the one and only question: “what are you doing?’ – what are you doing right now – share the article, you’ve just read; picture you’ve discovered, new web-site, follow people, who make it all more fascinating and inspiring… There is where you can, if you want to – find me – the moment I will dare to disappear – you will be one of the first to know…


Enjoy thoughtful song from ‘Into the wild’ above. Eddie Vedder signs ‘Society’. More about the philosophy behind this movie, which, I believe is worthy to explore – in my next posts

Czeslaw Mozil – just smile a little…

I’ve just come across this artist and I think it’s worth to introduce him to the wider public.

He is charming, free-spirited, playful, original, talented. He was born in Poland, yet brought up in Denmark. He speaks English, Dutch and Polish – all with an adorable accent. He plays to the accordion and piano with a considerable fluency. Here we can see a video made in his pub in Denmark – all the concept, realization, music, text, performance are the creation of Czeslaw (tcheslav) and his friends… One can obviously spot some influences, both Scandinavian and generally – European from different video artists, filmmakers, signers, poets…but I would say – as for a debutant – not too bad at all!

Lyrics are both bizarre and thoughtful – honestly – in moments beyond any translation… It tells an apparently light-hearted, random story about a lady, who found an old, broken little machine (a camera – presumably) and – out of a sentiment and tender love she decided to make it ‘working’ again… At the end, the sweetest of all choir signs:

We will be beautiful like we used to be…/And we will operating proficiently again…

O, yes – we will… Don’t try to understand or ‘explain’ anything – just enjoy and smile a little…

Official video uploaded on Youtube by the artist himself – thank you.

Florent Pagny “Savoir Aimer”

Savoir Aimer / To Know how to love

Savoir sourire / To know how to smile

A une inconnue qui passe / To a passerby

N’en garder aucune trace / Without trying to leave a mark

Sinon celle du plaisir / Just for pleasure it gives

Savoir aimer / To know how to love

Sans rien attendre en retour / Without wanting anything in return

Ni espoir ni grand amour / Neither hope nor the great love

Pas même l’espoir d’être aimé / Not even any hope of being loved


Mais savoir donner / But to know how to give

Donner sans reprendre / Give without expecting

Ne rien faire qu’apprendre / Only for the sake of learning

Apprendre à aimer / Learning how to love

Aimer sans attendre / To love without waiting

Aimer à tout prendre / To love accepting everything

Apprendre à sourire / To learn how to smile

Rien que pour le geste/ For nothing just a gesture

Sans vouloir le reste / Without wanting the rest

Et apprendre à vivre / And to learn how to live

Et s’en aller / And how to go

Savoir attendre / To know how to wait

Goûter à ce plein bonheur / To taste the happiness in full

Qu’on vous donne comme par erreur / Which you got as if by an accident

Tant on ne l’attendait plus / So much you wouldn’t expect any more

Se voir y croire / Seeing is believing in itself

Pour tromper la peur du vide / To deceive the fright of the void

Ancrée comme autaant de rides / That is anchored like the wrinkles

Qui ternissent les miroirs / Which tarnish the mirrors


Savoir souffrir / To know how to suffer

En silence sans murmure / In silence without murmur

Ni défense ni armure / Neither any defense or armor

Souffrir à vouloir mourir / To suffer wanting to die

Et se relever / And then to recover

Comme on renaît de ses cendres / Like being reborn anew

Avec tant d’amour à revendre / With so much love to offer

Qu’on tire un trait sur le passé / That it draws a line at the past


Apprendre à rêver / To learn how to dream

A rêver pour deux / To dream for two

Rien qu’en fermant les yeux / Nothing but closing eyes

Et savoir donner / And to know how to give

Donner sans rature / Give without harm

Ni demi-mesure / Without half-measure

Apprendre à rester / To learn how to stay

Vouloir jusqu’au bout / To want to stay till end

Rester malgré tout / To stay regardless of anything

Apprendre à aimer / To learn how to love

Et s’en aller / And how to go

Et s’en aller / And how to leave…

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