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“Fractal Ontology” – Blog on WordPress

Here is the new fantastic blog I’ve just discovered – FRACTAL ONTOLOGY. ‘Powered’ by a formidable erudition and the searching spirit by two young guys: Joseph Weissman and Taylor Adkins.

These two gentlemen – graduates of philosophy, have an ambition to.. and here, if I may dare to give the voice to them:

So, basically, our idea is this: it is possible to plot a complex path, tracing connections through both clinical and critical theory, towards a new kind of science — a de-centered, non-hierarchical science, capable of grasping and bridging the ruptures between cybernetics, language and society.

What we’ve been doing: mapping out connections between psychoanalysis and philosophy to other fields and disciplines, including theoretical biology, cultural studies and artificial intelligence. We also provide notes, outlines, translations and textual analyses of important contemporary theoretical questions, works and writers.

Above that, they use images – photographs, fine art paintings or digital art – in a way, that actually made me think about impossible – that pure art is made purely to… serve other reasons than its own sake – that it exists to illustrate and enhance ideas that science and philosophy convey in words, graphics and numbers; and vice versa – pure art can and should be made to inspire scientific breakthrough-s.

What a boring, small-minded talk after all – to preach self-importance and superiority of lets say – painting or sculpture – in a clear isolation from what may be regarded as its actual ‘womb’ – I mean all the dynamics of a particular TIME, a moment in the TIME – with all the theories (all major and affluent from the fields of philosophy, science, psychology etc), as well as the cultural and political movements influencing an artist with his/her consent or without it…

And what is that ‘fractal ontology’ after all, and how it may be interesting for visual artists? Well, those of you who may miss the points made by Weissman and Adkins or may find them too cryptic, I will try to explain in my next posts (without any promise though)…


Metamorphoses, little changes, make-up…

As my loyal readers have probably noticed, this site is undergoing little changes, metamorphoses, make-up – however you can put it.

These activities are basically inspired by my new ‘more commercial approach’ (read my latest post about it) towards art in general and this blogging in particular. I’ve just become aware that this art-devoted blog has no ‘art’ or ‘blog’ word in its name, and that I mention the subject only vaguely on the ‘mother-page’. Consequently, most of my readers keep ‘bumping’ into this site by an accident, lured by images or ‘names’, catch-phrases (not always art-related) that I’ve used. Well, cannot be otherwise – can it? Who, after all, would associate “Terra Incognita” with ‘art’, ‘art studying’, ‘art reflection’ etc.? And why it took me so long to get it???

I write for people, who would appreciate fully the issues being addressed here. And I need them, their critique and opinions to develop. That’s why I put “ART NEWS” subtitle to the mother “TERRA INCOGNITA” name. The “News” is a powerful catch-word – it belongs to the most popular tags in the WordPress  – blog-world (beside LIFE, POLITICS and others), and generally – searching engine-wise. It corresponds well with the design of my page (I chose it among others due to it simple, newspaper-like appeal) and, hopefully, it will motivate me to keep my writing fresh, concise, animated, revealing – just like the good news are.

I’m going also to change my image-header (I intend it to be like a ‘logo’ for my latest artwork, therefore – adequate changes will be adopted). What will not change? – well TERRA INCOGNITA and its main author – Katarzyna Skonieczna will, hopefully, stay the same, in its general policies and the ethos that animates them…


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