Here are my studies/visual research which I present for the record-purpose mainly. Contact me on should you have any questions/opinions.
Recent Work – Third Year of study (2008/2009)

On this Work (Artist’s Statement)

Painting is the Theory of Everything
It links all elements and forces
Creating Cosmos out of Chaos
And the Real out of a Dream…

Paintings are living organisms

They deny and complete each other

And themselves within
Struggling for a structure and survival…

The Knot; 2009;  acrylic, oil and mixed media on canvas, 161 x 110,5 cm (63,5 x 43″)


Artist’s Statement:

Being here. Going there. The Lyrical and the Banal. Chaos and Cosmos. The Nonsense and the Logic. Chasing the Sublime, facing the Ridiculous. The boundaries to be respected and the boundaries to be challenged.

My work expresses the dynamics of my inner life which  evolves in the liminal spaces and takes a form of the stream-of-consciousness. The propositions presented should be seen as a preliminary effort and a work in progress.

Evolution of the Concept:

This concept has developed out of my curiosity. I was interested in the nature of the humanness, what are the boundaries (if any) of being/existing as a human being.This stage was called “the metaphysics of presence” since it was supposed to address the ontology of the human presence in itself. I focused on the human face – the self-portrait the human race has been developing and modifying through ages.

The “chaos” phase came when I started to record the fact of ‘being alive here and now’. I had employed the brain-storming method of collecting and displaying data/materials found on my way without any particular aesthetic or/and logical concern. At that time my work shifted from the ontological towards the phenomenological approach – to an exploration of an experience of life (rather than the existence in itself). In order to place my personal space within the more universal territory I was trying to adopt the sublime concept. Yet, my response to the traditional understanding of the idea was that of a questioning and a rejection.

Finally, the intuition of the ‘liminal spaces’ emerged. My work has started to research the paradoxes, oxymorons and antitheses  putting an emphasis on the co-existence and inter-dependence of the contrastive forces and elements.

Media/techniques used: oil on canvas, oil on a wall, oil on board, drawing, collage, assemblage.

To see more photos/descriptions – katarzynaskonieczna







Recent Work – Second Year of study (2007/08)

The end of the year presentation

Artistic Statement:

The mind is its own place, and in itself
Can make a Heav’n of Hell, a Hell of Heav’n.

John Milton Paradise Lost (I, 254-255)

Discovering art has proved to be a sort of the tour de l’esprit – a fascinating yet highly demanding journey to and through an artist’s mind.
My work is a formal and substantial analysis of what resonates with universal, timeless meanings and passions.
The paintings presented reflect on a notion of the Golden Age, which I understand as a particularly blissful state of one’s spirit. This Paradise or Tir-na-nOg exists through memory and imagination as a specific and usually unforgettably uncanny time, space and energy.
My work is meant to encourage a pensive, introspective response from my viewers, who are invited to visit their own Elysian Fields. Thank you.

Strawberry Fields I, Oil on canvas, 125×98 cm

Strawberry Fields II, (fragment)

Strawberry Fields V, Oil on canvas, 65×47 cm

Untitled from the “Living Space” series.


Oil on paper


Oil on paper


Oil, mixed media on paper

Comments on blue.

A set/mini-installation for an animation, mixed-media




Older work – Studies from the first year (2006/07

1. Dimensional works based on an interpretation of a human figure and human condition.


Untitled, wire, glass, clay, mixed media


Twins, paper, pencils, fabric

2. Works on paper.


Untitled, photogram, inks, bleach


Mother and Child, mixed media, oils


Galactic, print (1/2)

And here is a video featuring the whole first year:

9 responses to “Work

  • mark


  • skonieczna


    Thanks, I honestly consider the works presented as studies (because that’s what they are). I look at them less personally when they appear in this way – on the web, “virtually”. It helps me to see my mistakes and to reflect on them in a constructive way – also through a dialog with the viewers.

  • ger

    Thanks for sharing.
    Your work brings in mind some gothic sculptures and designs. Is there any tradition for that in your country of origin?

  • skonieczna


    Thanks for asking. I’m not sure what you precisely mean by “gothic” but I in my country of origin – Poland, there is a strong tradition for all sorts of “dark”, “intense”, and loaded with meaning, spiritual art; so probably I’m being inspired by that background. Hope it explains.

  • Kiara

    Thanks for letting me see your work, wow it takes a completely different stance virtually. I’ve been a big fan of yours since I met you well over a year ago now, and am always excited about seeing what you will produce next. For me your paintings have always had a deep mystical feeling to them and always leave me with the feeling of wanting to know more leaving me totally intrigued, thanks for sharing.

  • skonieczna


    Thanks very much. You are always welcomed on this site and to have a chat anytime you want/need it.

  • bonnie prince johnny

    Your art, like yourself I’d imagine – c’est tres jollie.
    Bon chance.


  • kerry


    Do you sell your work?

    kerry candaele
    venice, ca

  • skonieczna

    Thanks. Your question alone is like a payment. No, I don’t consider selling, my work is immature yet, I wouldn’t feel great charging for my visual experiments. I could donate a piece though – like a kitten, “to a good home”. By the way, I admire your project – “Following the Ninth” – looks like a beginning of a really interesting documentary. All the best to you.

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